Dovid Katz: Projects & Professional Availability



I: Courses, series of lectures/seminars (one-month minimum contract basis) on a variety of topics; academic research supervision;

II: Scholar-on-board for foreign groups visiting Lithuania (and when possible, Belarus);

III: Serious publishers for books in progress;

IV: Support to enable completion of a video archive, English-Yiddish dictionary, Vilna Jewish mini-museum, language atlas, Litvak Bible translation, and other projects in progress.

Interested in positions entailing teaching and/or research and publishing, preferably online, that include mutual long-term commitment and the dignity of regular monthly income (including: research, university-credit teaching, development of top-end programs, thesis supervision).

Looking for a literary agent (or publisher) who might be able to help with a number of projected and in-progress books.

Lectures and webinars (series rather than one-offs), advanced courses and scholar-on-board stints are possible. But please note that translations, private tuition, elementary language classes, and editing (or “academic improvement of the text”) contracts are no longer undertaken.

ALSO seeking support and grants enabling completion of various projects, including the Yiddish Cultural Dictionary; the Lithuanian Yiddish Video Archive (LYVA); Yiddish Language Atlas of the Lithuanian Lands; digitization, classification, duplication and posting online of thirty years  (thousands of hours) of in-situ interviews with survivors (based on dozens of self-financed expeditions); development of Virtual Yiddish Mini-Museum of Old Jewish Vilna; of Virtual Yiddish Mini-Museum of Interwar Jewish Lithuania; of translation of the Bible into Lithuanian Yiddish; support for a new volume Vilna Jewish Culture as complement to the author’s 2010 Lithuanian Jewish Culture.

Contact: dovidkatz777{at}

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“אַז ס′שטייט דאָך: „שלח לחמך על פני המים








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